Awesome dentist and staff. Everybody always had good bedside manners. Dr Alwan always made me feel comfortable, and explained everything so that I was never left wondering what or why something was done to me. I moved to Atlanta, and it's been extremely difficult to find a dentist's office with good customer service like Dr Alwan's office!

Diana F.

I was referred to Dr. Alwan because my dentist was out of town. I was experiencing discomfort due to having a root canal.
Dr. Alwan asked me to come to his office immediately... It was his day off!
He was so friendly, professional, informative and sincere.
He went above and beyond! Absolutely amazing customer service! I am somewhat terrified of going to the dentist and he made me feel comfortable and calm.
I highly recommend Dr. Alwan!

Joe B.

If your are looking for a dentist Dr. Alwan is the one. Dr. Alwan patiently took the time to explain all aspects of my treatment (sometimes several times if necessary). He explained all options available, advised on the best in his opinion but allowed me to choose the best option for my financial situation Dr. Alwan was friendly, caring and very professional. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. In addition, he has a GREAT staff. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, even offering to hold my hand during the procedure. Dr. Alwan personally followed up to ensure that I was comfortable after my procedures.


I did a lot of research to find a dentist in the Naperville area that had advanced training with the Pankey Institute (continuing advanced education for dentists). Dr. Alwan has been our dentist for over 13 years. We now live in Texas but will fly in for our appointments. He is THAT good! He is like a tooth/mouth engineer- he stays on top of technology and research. He has a great sense of humor and an excellent staff to complement his practice. Mary, the hygienist is extremely thorough, and Dolores at the front desk is equally thorough, as well.

Further, if Dr. Alwan has to refer you to a specialist, such as an orthodontist, oral surgeon, or endodontist, you can be sure that they have been rigorously screened and are top notch.

Although Dr. Alwan is not "in network" for our insurance, his rates are comparable and our out of pocket expenses are pretty close to the in network out of pocket expense. Superior service that is worth every penny!

GdayLester S.

Dr. Alwan, discovering that I was a huge coward. virtually held my hand during my whole extensive dental work experience. He even called me the night before to make sure I was ok and that I was mentally prepared. During the series of procedures I underwent, he calmly and patiently described everything he was doing. I hope he never retires for he will always be my dentist.

Laura M.

I went to Dr. Alwan's office for the last 23 years but am unfortunately moving to Texas. Figured it was time to give a review of his work! Mary was the best hygienist, and took the time to really get my teeth nice and clean. Her product recommendations for manual toothbrushes really made a big difference in my dental health. When it comes to the doctor himself, he would always treat my concerns with the respect that they deserved. As far as sealants go, he would make sure that the excess material was ground down so that my bite was back to normal. I would without hesitation recommend him to anybody and everybody. I've never felt nervous going into his office, despite the typical "dentist stigma" that a lot of people hold. 10/10 would spend another 23 years getting dental work done here (if only I wasn't in TX).

Laura H.

Dr. Alwan has been my/my family's dentist for at least 10 years and I truly appreciate all the support and care he has given me and my family for all those years. All my three kids and my wife are a loyal patients of his practice for good reasons.

Omar A.

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